Green Mountain Challenge Tournament Director:
Les Jorgensen

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Administrator: John Sullivan

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Tues & Thurs: 6-8pm
Saturday: 2-5)

Parent Contract

(When signing up for play with our club, you agreed to the following:)


Mission Statement

The mission of this not-forprofit corporation is the organization and promotion of the intellectual and physical development of youth through soccer.

The purpose of the Corporation is to develop and fund programs appropriate to fulfilling its mission, including the instruction of the techniques, skills and rules associated with youth soccer activities.

Southern Vermont Mountain Soccer (hence known in this document as Fusion) is committed to providing a safe environment for its participants and staff. To this end, we ascribe to the guidelines established by the Vermont Soccer Association and its Zero Tolerance Policy. All members of this organization, as well as parents and spectators, are expected to observe and adhere to these guidelines. Please see our website for a copy of the VSA policy.

Fusion Will:


1. Develop in all youth the highest level of proficiency and values through soccer.

2. Provide a program which promotes competition and skill enhancement for all players.

3. Encourage and teach youth good sportsmanship, teamwork, physical conditioning,

as well as help improve their self confidence.

4. Provide an appropriate level of competition that is challenging and allows each player to grow and succeed.

5. Hire qualified full or part-time staff and coaches.

6. Develop and promote fund raising activities which assure appropriate equipment, facilities, and instruction for all Fusion programs.

7. Provide financial assistance to any youth in need of financial help to further and encourage their development in our programs.

8. Roster players on teams within their age group, based on date of birth.

Roster and Playing Time


All players should play in every game as youth get better by playing, not sitting.


  1. Attendance and work ethic will be determining factors for playing time. Illness, injuries, doctor’s appointments and school related activities are acceptable reasons for missing practice and should not affect playing time. Choices that a player and his/her parents make (vacations, out of school sports) may impact playing time.


  2. If a player has been sick or injured, a doctor’s note may be required before they can play again. When permission is given, the player should resume practice and game time should gradually increase to allow safe re-entry with their team.

  • Playing time will vary according to the age and type of team (Local or Travel). The following are guidelines used by Fusion coaches:


  1. U-8, U-10 and U-12 Local Teams: equal playing time.

  2. U-10, U-12 and U-14 Black and Red (B & C level) Travel Teams: all players play in every game and get meaningful playing time (a minimum of 20 – 25% of each game). There is a greater emphasis on winning. A stronger group may start games and playing time may not be equal. This can depend on the closeness of the game, the size of the roster and the length of the games.

  3. U-12-U17 White (A level) Travel Teams: the greatest emphasis on winning in our program. Playing time is not usually equal. Coaches will strive to give players meaningful playing time (a minimum of 20 – 25% in each game) over the course of a tournament, but realistically players may get 50% or more in some games and 15 to 20 % in others. Coaches will strive to win and lose as a whole team and recognize that at times, subbing is risk taking.

  4. Maximum roster size will vary between events, tournaments, and leagues. In some cases, Fusion Soccer Club teams may carry a roster larger than event limits. In such an event, the coaches will select the most competitive team for the event, and players may need to compete for a spot on the event specific roster.


Fusion Season


  1. Tryouts for the Fall Select Travel Teams – June or early July.
  2. Fall Select Travel Team season – August to early November.
  3. Tryouts for the Winter/Spring season – October.
  4. Winter Indoor Training sessions – January through mid March.
  5. Spring Indoor matches @ Riley Rink – Mid March through early April.
  6. Outdoor play:

Local Teams – Friendly matches and/or league games with local area teams.

Travel Teams – One day tournaments in the Albany area, late April through mid June, one or more 2-day tournaments in New England and/or Albany area, including Memorial Day Weekend, participation in Fusion’s tournament, the Green Mountain Challenge, the third weekend in June.

Curfews and Travel Rules:

    • All players will follow curfews, set by coaches and/or the Fusion board.

    • Socializing with members of the opposite sex will take place outside of hotel

  • rooms only.
  • Coaches may set rules or regulations as deemed necessary. All players on teams must room with at least one parent.


Drug and Alcohol Policy


Use or possession of any alcohol or tobacco product, or any illegal substance, at any Club-sponsored function by any Fusion player will result in immediate suspension or removal from the club for the duration of the playing season and forfeiture of all fees.





The basic annual fees are Determined on an annual basis. All fees must be paid in full by the assigned deadline in order for a player to be placed on the final roster and receive a uniform and player pass.


Player agrees to:


  1. Attend 75%+ of the training sessions, matches and meetings during the primary Fusion season (mid-March to end-of-June). Attendance at the January through mid-March indoor training sessions is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  2. Communicate with coaches in advance regarding planned absences, appointments, school activities or illness that may prevent attendance at practices or games.
  3. Maintain all uniforms and equipment, and bring all necessary equipment (shirts, extra shirts, shorts, socks, appropriate shoes, etc.) to each event.
  4. Develop and maintain physical and mental fitness.
  5. Demonstrate and consistently practice appropriate behavior and language at all times, on and off the field.
  6. Respect his/her coaching staff, fellow team members and field opponents.
  7. Serve as a role model for younger players.
  8. Adhere to club rules, policies, and curfews.


Parents Agree To:

  1. Get their son or daughter to practices and games on time.

  2. Accept the team placement assignment posted for their son/daughter in their age group.

  3. Communicate with coaches in advance if their son or daughter cannot be at a practice or game.

  4. Be willing to provide extras, like oranges, ice or water at games and tournaments.

  5. Be a positive support for the team on the sidelines of a game. Do not coach from the sidelines. Do not criticize the referee or the other team. Let the coaches do their job, support your son or daughter (and the team), recognize good play of both teams and enjoy the moment.

  6. Be a positive support to your son or daughter after games and in the evenings. Communicate with them so they can understand their playing situation and can then communicate with the coach in order to improve their game.

  7. Recognize that there is a time and a place for communication with coaches and members of the Fusion board. That moment is not in the heat of a game or tournament. Allow some time to calm your emotions and collect your thoughts. Communicate with the coach to set up a meeting or a discussion on the phone. If necessary, If you feel your discussion with the coach was unsatisfactory, ask a Fusion board member to bring your concern to the board and a third party meeting will be set up.

  8. Abide by the Vermont Soccer Association Zero Tolerance Policy. See our web site to view this policy by clicking on the About Us tab and selecting Zero Tolerance Policy



If a parent or player can not live up to these guidelines, the following consequences could occur.

  1. The parent or player could be asked to leave and/or not come to games.

  2. If a parent is not willing to accept the outcome of a situation or continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior, the player may be dismissed from the team. In that situation, there will be no reimbursement of registration or annual player fees to the family.



Communication a key ingredient to the success of a team.


  1. Fusion Coaches are expected to be proactive in communicating with players and parents. Coaches will not assume that what they tell their players will get home to the parents. Therefore, coaches are expected to communicate with players and parents the expectations they have for each player, the role the player will have on the team and any playing time issues.

  2. Coaches are expected to talk to parents about the areas their son or daughter can improve upon as the season progresses and speak to both the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

  3. There is a time and a place for discussions between parents and coaches. It should never be during or immediately following a game. Emotions are running too high at that time. During the course of a tournament, if there is time and the coach is willing, a discussion could ensue, but preferably the coach should listen to concerns and follow up with a meeting or call during the week or before or after a practice.

  4. If a parent and a coach cannot resolve an issue, the concern should be brought to the board. The board will appoint a third party to sit with the coach and parent to help resolve the issue. Unfortunately, resolution to all parties’ satisfaction does not always happen and parties may have to agree to disagree. At the least, a parent should feel like they have been heard and responded to in a respectful manner.






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I have read and agree to abide by the above policies and regulations



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Please submit all items to Southern Vermont Mountain Soccer Inc at PO Box 433 Manchester VT 05254.