Green Mountain Challenge Tournament Director:
Les Jorgensen

PO Box 433
Manchester, VT 05254


Administrator: John Sullivan

(Telephone hours:
Tues & Thurs: 6-8pm
Saturday: 2-5)

U-10 Girls

2012 Fusion outdoor spring practice schedule:
Starts week of April 23rd

Mondays: U10 Girls 5:00-6:00 Maple Street School

Wednesdays: U10 Girls 5:00-6:00 Maple Street School


(Schedule as of 3/21/2012)

Riley Rink Soccer Schedule / Rutland Scrimmage

Mondays and Wednesdays

Five Weeks starting week of 3/12 thru and including week of 4/9.

Indoor practices and games, tennis shoes, water and shin guards.



3/21        Wed        Riley Rink     5 – 6:30PM (all Riley Rink practices)

3/26        Mon        Riley Rink

3/28        Wed        Riley Rink


Game    (indoor, tennis shoes, water and shin guards, we play 2 games)

3/31        Saturday, Scrimmage .v. Rutland at Spartan Arena

                                                                                                                  100 Diamond Run Mall  Rutland, VT 05701      (802) 775-3100

                                  8:00 AM Game      Arrive by 7:45

                                     9:00 AM Game      Arrive by 8:45

                                  We will split the team into two groups.

                                  Group One will play at 8AM, Group Two will play at 9AM.   There will be some player overlap.


Practice    (indoor, tennis shoes, water and shin guards)

4/2         Mon        Riley Rink      5 – 6:30PM (all Riley Rink practices)

4/4         Wed        Riley Rink

4/9         Mon        Riley Rink

4/11      Wed        Riley Rink



April   (outdoor, cleats, water and shin guards, practice is only 1 hour, but location is tentative)


4/23        Mon        5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

4/25        Wed        5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor


Game                      (Outdoor-cleats, Saratoga May Day, either Sat or Sunday)

4/28 or 4/29     $$  This is one day tournament, cleats, date and time to come      



4/30        Mon        5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

5/2          Wed        5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

5/5          Sat PM    Two games each Saturday afternoon at Rutland Polo Fields (north end of Rutland, just off RT 7)



5/7           Mon          5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

5/9           Wed          5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

5/12          Sat PM    Two games each Saturday afternoon at Rutland Polo Fields (north end of Rutland, just off RT 7)


5/14           Mon          5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

5/16           Wed          5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

5/19           Sat PM    Two games each Saturday afternoon at Rutland Polo Fields (north end of Rutland, just off RT 7)


5/21           Mon           5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

5/23           Wed           5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

5/26-27     Sat-Sun    $$  Rutland Memorial Day Tournament (both days I believe)


5/28           Mon           No Practice

5/30           Wed           5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

6/2             Sat              Open?? I think something going on, will check on this.



6/4            Mon            No Practice

6/6            Wed            5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

6/9            Sat               Open


6/11            Mon            5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor   (cleats)

6/13            Wed           5-6:00PM    Maple Street Outdoor

6/16-6/17   Sat -Sun    Green Mountain Challenge, U10 plays at Mountain School





Outdoor practices

In general, if it has been raining all day, we will not practice.

                    If a light rain starts, we will practice.

                    Any thunder/lightening, we cancel.

                    If I cancel practice, I will send blast email.

                    Usually, if the weather is rainy, or looks like it may rain, I cancel.

                    I tend to look at radar and let you know by noon-1PM.


Also, as plays and concerts and other end of year school commitments become clear, we may cancel some practices.



Playing time and team size, Rutland League (5/5 and 5/12 and 5/19)

We have 16 players.

Not enough for two teams, but a bit much for one team as playing time is a bit short.

Hopefully, we may pick up another couple of players and we can then have two teams.

This is key…if we get another 3-4 player, we can travel with two teams.

Otherwise, playing time is a bit limited with a large roster.


Playing time and team size, Tournaments $$ 

As of now we will enter two “extra” tournaments.

These tournaments cost extra on a per player basis….note the $$ signs on 4/28 and 5/26.

We can take rosters of 12 to these games.

As of now, I will choose the 12 from the group that has interest.

I will do this at a later date.


I hope I have covered all the bases.

Thank you


Coach Belnap